Thursday, September 13, 2012

Report about visiting inmate family

No children lost their chance to get education even if there are born in inmate family. I really agree with this idea and the feeling are become stronger after I visited inmate family’s house. 

 The house I visited was in Karala, New Delhi. A mother and her two children, Nagma (age 6 , girl) and Anish ( age 4 , boy) are living there. The husband’s sister sometimes come the house to help her but usually the mother takes care of two. So she can’t do any jobs and she cannot help getting income from her or her husband relatives but it isn’t enough for them. Therefore, they have to spend tough and poor lifestyle.
 I just have stayed in short time but I can understand how they are living. And I also can see how SVCT work for inmate family and how SVCT contribute the society. SVCT provides education fees, school uniform and school bags, books, etc…for inmate family and SVCT also visits inmate family’s house 2 or 3 times per a month to survey their condition and to hear the needs what they want. Sometimes people forget to help poor people after they gave something or support them. But SVCT is not only provides education fees but also keep on touching with them to visit and survey their house. I think SVCT is really helpful and contributable NGO for poor people and the society.
Through the visiting inmate family, I felt like seeing real India. Of course, I’m an intern and just works in 6 weeks so it just means I’ve seen a part of real India but I could learn a lot of thing through these experiences. 

I want to say thanks SVCT for giving me such a nice experience.
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