Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's not punish them for something they did not do.

Is it their fault that someone from their family is in jail?

 A person who reaches confinement in prison becomes a stigma to the society. So much so that most of the times even his family members are not spared of criticisms, comments and wrong judgments. And the most unfortunate and the worst sufferers of all this turn out to be their kids who played absolutely no part in the crime. Their childhood is rudely snatched away and they are sent on constant hiding from all that the society has to say about something they hardly understand.

Children are like flowers that blossom in the garden of God as they are the harbingers of eternal joy to all those around. Let's not punish them for something they did not do. Let's make their lives as joyful as it was always meant to be. Let's give them an equal playing field and allow them to run as far as they desire. 

Our action 
After receiving the applications, the staff conducts a survey, to verify  the information and the need for school fees or any other assistance. 
  • School Fee to the wards of  the convicts, 
  • School uniform (both summer & winter) along with shoes. 
  • Books, school bags and stationery.

Our staff/volunteer visits the convicts’ house for regular follow-ups regarding their needs and also counsel them to lead a life of dignity and respect.  
      In the first year itself the Human Touch Child Education program took up the educational responsibility of 91 children of 44 convicts and provided them with school fees, school bags, books, stationeries, uniform for both winter/summer along with shoes.

       In the subsequent year the number of children of convicts supported by the human touch child education program increased greatly and the number of children being supported by the trust today stands at 369 students. In this year the Trust has also extend their helping hand to those students who want to pursue graduation/post graduation and other professional courses, so that they can establish themselves and can support there families.

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